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After Tragedy Strikes - Reach Orlando Church
Reach Orlando Church is a non denominational Christian Church located in Winter Park, Florida, affiliated with Calvary Chapel. We emphasize a relationship with Jesus Christ, teach through the Bible, provide free sermons, our statement of faith, and share our general mission statement. People may donate online to support the ministry of Reach. Adam Parsons is the pastor.
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After Tragedy Strikes

After Tragedy Strikes

Life never returns to normal (whatever that is) after tragedy strikes. Many in the United States have had their lives uprooted and shaken to the core over these past several months… Houston. Florida. California. Montana. Oregon. Natural disasters have wreaked havoc. Even worse? Senseless acts of sheer evil. Like you, I’ve listened to the stories from Las Vegas and Texas, loved ones stolen away, hate put on its hideous display… our hearts ache and tears blanket our faces as we grieve for the families and friends who will never know the joy of another conversation with loved ones.

Have you noticed the cold reality of time? It doesn’t stop and allow for grieving. Tragedy affects all and time governs all. So what next? Don’t wait for the right time. Make time. Prioritize life in its order of importance. Possessions come and go, but people cannot be replaced. Every person is unique and has a uniquely wonderful influence in life. Prioritize people. Let’s view life differently… See school, our jobs, our hobbies as opportunities to encourage people and invest in memories, to laugh and celebrate the time we have. No event in life will every steal away the impact people leave on our lives.

Finally, this life isn’t fair. We crave fairness, but we know it’s a craving that goes unsatisfied. Good news… life doesn’t end when we draw our final breath on earth. Our final heartbeat on earth is our first heartbeat in eternity. Eyes closed on earth is eyes fully opened in eternity. So put God first in everything. Love Him first. Trust Him first. Advance His message. Honor Him by emulating His example of service. After all, His promise is of a time when eternity governs, where joy radiates, where life never ends, where fairness still does not exist because God lavishes His children in undeserved, unimaginable blessings. Always look forward to hope. It cannot be stolen from us.

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